#1 doable weightloss tip ANYONE can do

Seriously, anyone can do this, no matter your age, fitness level, or how much weight you have to lose.

When I coach clients, they want to change everything at once. It’s a great idea (in theory), but in the end, it leads to burn-out and overwhelm.

So here’s an extremely simple, but powerful start…

What ONE meal can you change? 

Yes, just one. For example, let’s say you eat something like this:

One bowl of cereal and one piece of toast.

Ham sandwich. Bag of crisps and a coke

Cake (because… it’s cake. And cake is delicious.)

Grilled chicken with veggies or a salad
Small bowl of fruit

Late Night Snack
Cheese and crackers (not because they’re magically delicious, but because you eat when you’re stressed)

So, what ONE meal or snack would you start changing?

Your first instinct is to tackle the cake or the cereal because it kind of “sticks out”, right?

Sounds like a good idea, but this is where people mess up.

You see, everyone is different. 

Some people absolutely love fatty foods like cheese or fried chicken. I can easily eat it in moderation. It doesn’t take a lot of will power for me to cut back on this stuff.

Some enjoy drinking. 

However, there are people like me that really, really, REALLY enjoy sugar. I can down chocolate digestives, cake, and other sweets all day. Sugar drains my will power.

Then there are people who eat extremely “clean” but have used up every excuse on the planet to NOT exercise, so their bodies are burning both fat and muscle. 

You see, our beliefs program our habits.

For instance, I had a phone coaching client that tried everything, but in the course of just 15 minutes, she realised what was holding her back from dropping the stubborn weight.

The adjustments we made were so small, she didn’t think it would even make a difference. I even recall her asking me, “Really? This is it?”

But get this… 


It’s not the “one magic exercise” you’re not doing. Nor is it the underground “miracle” superfood you’re not drinking or eating.

What is it?

Well, that’s what we need to dig up and figure out. And we can do that in about 15 minutes.

Let’s work together on:

a) Implementing NEW habits
b) Adjusting existing habits
c) Removing negative habits

… but without being overwhelmed.

I’m opening up my 1-on-1 coaching call.

How it works:

– We have a phone conversation (around 15 minutes – we jump right in!) 

– We work together on implementing a habit formula designed specifically for your goals, lifestyle, and current habits.

I’d like to see if we are a ‘good fit’ and to ascertain if I can help you. Simply click on the following link and answer the these questions:

1.       What ‘challenges, obstacles or pain’ can I help you conquer?
2.       Why is it important for you to conquer?
3.       What specific results would you like to achieve.


Need A Helping Hand?

If you are confused/unsure about how to achieve a standard of health and a body to be proud of, give me a shout and let’s make both accountable towards your success.  

If you want to make 2018 your best year ever, please consider joining either my Face-to-face PT:
or my online training groups.

There are Two to choose from:
Ideal for those that have been wanting to make a change, but are unsure where to start. You’ll get immediate access to:

  • Supercharged fat burning workouts you can complete even under the most demanding time constraints.
  • Done-for-you nutrition guidelines to help you eat healthily at home or on the go.
  • Mindset ‘hacks’ for limitless motivation, and
  • Weekly group class (if a member at Surge).

All for Just $50 per month.

The Personal Transformation Program is for those that have certain requirements or are working towards a specific goal and need that extra bit of accountability. You will get:

  • Unlimited email access/VIP support group, a Skype/phone planning session.
  • Weekly accountability catch ups.
  • Personalised meal plans.
  • Unlimited online training sessions. I will work with you one on one and ensure you reach your goals. No excuses!
VIP treatment for just $33 per week (Numbers limited) 
 In your corner


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