#1 Habit For Looser Clothes

Please read this powerful quote…
“Always plan ahead. It wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark.” 
– Richard Cushing
Recently, when coaching a client, I could see the breakthroughs she was having with her progress. She wasn’t losing monumental kilograms of fat, but she was feeling her clothes get looser. More importantly, she was witnessing the power of planning. 
This was her #1 habit we worked together on. The art of “planning”. 
I guarantee if YOU planned ahead, you would make HUGE progress to your ideal weight.
For instance, when you travel, you might end up eating junk the first night and then suddenly, you say to yourself, “Well, I already ‘messed up’ my first night. I might as well take a break from my program this week.”
Then when you return, you’ve gained some weight back. 
This week, I challenge you to the art of “planning”. 
Examples for you…
Travel Planning
1) Take a look at the menus in the city/town you’ll be staying at. What are your healthier options? Choose something and commit to it. Share what you’ll be eating ahead of time. You can say something like, “I saw a delicious grilled chicken dish that I’m looking forward to” VS “I’m on a diet. I have to eat this.”
2) What adjustments do you need to make? Can you perhaps fast while on the trip to easily cut back on calories? Can you eat light during the day, and then enjoy a higher calorie dinner to balance your daily calories out?
3) If you need to get away from your exercise routine, is there a trail or park nearby that you can sneak in a brisk 15 minute walk so you’re not bored and cave into your cravings?
Weekly Planning
1) If you’re going to be really busy, it’s probably a good idea to use the weekends to plan ahead. Grill 5-7 chicken breasts. Boil some eggs. Saute’ some vegetables.
2) What days are best for you to get in some exercise so you don’t grow old super stiff and having to huff and puff to pick up a remote off the floor? 
3) When will you enjoy your rewards so you have something to look forward to?
I think you get the idea. 

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