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Last week I received an extremely frank message from a new client. It pressed soooo many buttons with me, I felt compelled to share it with you.

I like to send a message to new clients a few days after their initial workout – Generally asking “How are you feeling?”

Here’s her response:

“Hi Steve

Bit of a mixed bag of feelings this week.

Following your advice, I have dramatically cut down my coffee. Only having 3 a day. And have been having the two litres of water you suggested.

More big for me…. Is, I haven’t had any chocolate for the last 5 days. Except today, I had a small amount when doing the shopping. Not good I know but way less than typical for me.

YET, I haven’t lost any weight. I know you said “not to go by the scales.” However, I’ve eaten way less chocolate, by a shocking amount and still not lost any weight. I know what you are going to say about don’t even focus on it. But there it is.

I’ve been to the gym 4 times this week. Done the workouts. And have walked over 15k steps on at least 3 days of this week. I have pretty much stuck to the plan. I’m not getting disillusioned this quickly but I am disappointed a bit. I know, long haul. Not short term.

Typically over my years…. If I don’t get results with my diet I get frustrated and quit and then eat chocolate and carbs again.

Ok, I am talking too much again. I look forward to another session tomorrow. Thank you for your expertise.”


Whether you are new to exercise or a ‘veteran,’ I’m sure you could understand and empathise with my client.

The following day, we met for our second PT session. Here’s what we said:

“Tracey, great message you sent me. Have you got any more to add….?”

“Yes Steve. Explain to me in laymen terms why my weight is not shifting?”

I responded with “It takes between 1 month, to 6 weeks for your body to realise that you are serious about losing weight. Your body won’t change significantly until two improvements occur:

1. You’ve increased your heart and lung capacity so that you are able to push yourself further without running out of ‘puff.’ And…

2. Have built up enough glycogen storage in your muscles so that you are again, able to push yourself further without feeling faint.”

To get to this ‘Sweet Spot’ in our training we must be consistent in our Sleep, Training, Mindset, and Nutrition.

Tracey did everything I asked of her regards training and nutrition. Just a simply ‘tweak’ of her mindset has enabled her to successfully continue on her quest.

This was a lovely example of how it is so easy to potentially lose your way and give in. By being frank and asking the right questions, she’s now armed with knowledge, which in turn, maintains her intent.

Instead of feeling overwhelmed by thinking ‘BIG PICTURE,’ she focusses on NOW. Small daily actions. That if achieved consistently, WILL produce a positive end result.”

In Tracey’s case it was:

Sufficient water intake
Not missing meals
4 visits to the gym

I then asked her to put the weighing scales aside for now. And replace her ‘Measurement Tools’ by asking herself:

How are my energy levels – Am I able to push myself during exercise?
Am I sleeping better – Do I feel refreshed in the morning?
Do my clothes feel loser. And/or do I look slimmer?

My Guidance

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