THE BIG ANNOUNCEMENT… Just 25 Slots Available

Here’s that BIG announcement that I’ve been promising.


ALRIGHT! Here it is:

I am officially OPENING the doors to the *NEW* 12-Week JumpStart Program 

Now stop there. Don’t delete. Please read on….. I guarantee it will be worth 3 minutes of your time.

No matter what fitness level you are

No matter if you are a current client or new – The ‘tools’ I am about to share will benefit ALL.

First Come/First Served.
This is a ‘Beta Tester’ – therefore, I’m looking for just 25 participants (No inflated marketing ploy – seriously – just 25 slots available) 

Wish you could have better health, be leaner, fitter and have more energy and focus? The 12 Week Jumpstart Program is for those that have been wanting to make a change, but are unsure where to start.

You’ll get immediate access to supercharged fat burning workouts you can complete even under the most demanding time constraints, done-for-you nutrition guidelines to help you eat healthily at home or on the go, mindset ‘hacks’ for limitless motivation, and much more.

And the BEST PART?

When you ENROLL in 12-Week JumpStart Program

You’ll get access to:

Monthly easy-to-follow workout video programs combining all the fitness elements needed for super-charged fat-burning, sent to your mobile device
Monthly nutritional guides and ‘Hacks’
Weekly fitness, nutrition & motivational tips
Facebook VIP support group for 24/7 answers, accountability, and community interaction
Stretching and rehabilitation training to help you prevent and recover from injuries
Metabolic ramping – To increase you range of motion, mobility, muscle activation
Core training – To create a ‘Stable You’ and reduce back and neck pain.
Power development – For raising your metabolic rate
Strength/Resistance – For the ‘Afterburn’ effect post workout
Recovery & Regeneration – For better long-term results
Goal-setting guide with easy tracking tools
Video instructions to each exercise (Sent to your mobile)
And much, MUCH more!

Click on this:  COUNT ME IN

AND because I love rewarding people who TAKE ACTION…

The First 25 Participants to Enrol:

Be one of the first 25 people to join the program…


You’ll receive a 15 minute speed call with me that will result in a clearly laid-out-plan for you to progress forward. Plus a 1 hour Face-to-face training session which will get you off to a great start (Combined value of $140)


There is another bonus for the first 10 participants – Read on…

All of this is worth over $600.00 per month… but you’re not going to pay anything even close to that. Instead, you’re getting the entire 12 Week JumpStart Program, including everything listed above, for just…

$50/per month (No Contracts, Cancel Anytime). The program will extend beyond 12 weeks if you prefer to continue

And if you’re one of the first 10 people to join???

I will ‘Grandfather’ that $50 price for the WHOLE time you are on the program – be it 12 weeks or beyond! Because there will be a price increase after the first 25 people have joined!!! Yep, that’s right! 🙂


Thrive Fitness Testimonial - Karon


So, not only do you receive the ENTIRE program, the 15 minute speed call, and the 1 hour face-to-face training session…

You ALSO get your price ‘fixed’ for the whole time whilst on the program – potentially saving you 100’s of $$$.

Now, because these are one-on-one calls, you can understand why I must STRICTLY limit it to the FIRST 25 participant who sign up…

So if you want to grab a place…
Here’s what I recommend:
Be the first to discover what the 12 Week JumpStart Program can do for you.

Simply click on this: COUNT ME IN

And I look forward to seeing YOU inside the *NEW* 12-Week JumpStart Program

In your corner


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