Don’t Let This happen To You….

I’ve recently taken on a new client. Not your average person who requests to ‘lose weight.’ But an individual who came to me extremely frustrated. Frustrated because he was once ‘at the top of his game’….. 

Played soccer at a high level. loved most sports and exceeded at many…..I’m sure you get the picture.

The reason for his frustration was an extended stomach. A previous hernia injury prevented him from exercising in the manner he’d come accustomed to.This snowballed into missed visits to the gym, followed by the “I cant be bothered, so I’ll eat what I want, syndrome.”

So, I’m going to share with you the challenge many of us face…. Un-be-known to you at the moment, but could be lurking in the background, waiting to pounce.

And that is separated abdominal muscles that are currently ‘switched off’ in your body. 

In my clients case, particular exercises were making him worse. I’m 
going to share the inner workings of WHY (that way you can avoid them).

You’re muscles must work together in order to see results!

I know that doesn’t give you much to really understand why your core doesn’t look or function the way you want but let me explain in a way you may understand. Ok…

Take a look at this Olympic rowing team…

I promise this will make sense in a sec. But first imagine this with me…

This rowing team is at the olympics… they’re neck and neck with the another team and everybody is rowing together in perfect unison, in total sync with each other.

The captain is pushing everyone to win the race and is demanding that everyone work in perfect rhythm with each other. Then… the unthinkable happens…

One of the rowers shoves his ore into the water and stops moving all together…

…the drag from the ore begins making the boat move slower, and even causes the boat to start veering to the side. Then… it gets even worse…

2 more rowers drop their ores into the water and all of the sudden, this well oiled machine isn’t working anymore. In fact… the remaining rowers are just wasting energy as they have to work twice as hard to fight the drag from the ores dragging in the water.

At this point the coach, instead of yelling at the rowers who weren’t doing anything chooses to focus on the rowers that are still rowing… she shouts to them, “row harder… row faster!!!”

And they do, rowing as hard and as fast as they can until one (or more) of them gets hurt!

This… is exactly what was happening in my client’s body. His core muscles were not working together as a team and it caused aches, pains and generated no progress!

He shouted at his core muscles to, “work harder… work faster!!!” But he should have paused and gotten the muscles that had turned off to turn back on.

Now, this just doesn’t occur in the stomach…………. Do you have back problems? It could be because the muscles in your backside have switched off! Do you have shoulder problems?….. The list goes on.

Often, it’s the deep core muscles that aren’t working. And… when the transverse abdominis, internal obliques stop working properly, the other muscles have to pick up the slack. It’s an ok temporary solution but…

If your body uses a temporary solution for too long, what do you think is going to happen? The truth is…

This is the source for all sorts of aches and pains in most people’s bodies. It’s also the reason why many people try to get results in how your belly looks and feels and FAIL to see any noticeable changes. Because as I mentioned before…

Everything starts from those deep core muscles. And if they’re not working, you’re in for a world of hurt, and that’s exactly what happened to my client and is likely happening to you as well!

More work… doesn’t work! The only thing that does is…

Learning how to “re-awaken” your deep core muscles so that you can finally see the results you really want! And get this…

Since the muscles of the deep core system run slightly upward, you’ll experience not only postural and core strengthening results but also, you’ll feel a slight lift of your belly by creating a flattening effect! Sounds like a Cool trick. Well…

It’s not a trick, it’s how your body was designed to work so that your spine and other joints work together as a team. 

So…If you really want to see the results I’ve been talking about…

Don’t hesitate to contact me………….. 

Let’s work together on:

a) Implementing NEW habits
b) Adjusting existing habits
c) Removing negative habits

… but without being overwhelmed.

I’d like to see if we are a ‘good fit’ and to ascertain if I can help you. Simply click on the following link and answer the these questions:

1.       What ‘challenges, obstacles or pain’ can I help you conquer?
2.       Why is it important for you to conquer?
3.       What specific results would you like to achieve.

Here’s The Link

If you are confused/unsure about how to achieve a standard of health and a body to be proud of, give me a shout and let’s make both accountable towards your success.  

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