Easiest Tool For Belly Fat (you already have this!)

I’ve been working on an experiment. Did it for 5 days. In fact, I just shared this with two of my private coaching clients. 
Bottom line: We tend to overlook the EASIEST solutions.
So here’s what I did…
I’ve always consumed a lot of water. However, my water intake on the weekends can be well short of my goal. 🙁
I got a standard mug from my cabinet and filled it close to the brim with water. I did this for a minimum of 4 times every day over the 5 day period, that included the weekend (arn’t I a good boy!).

When I had coffee, that would just be an “extra credit” and I didn’t count it towards my end goal. 
Now before you roll your eyes, check this out…
The previous weekend, I had my usual “reward” meals PLUS a bonus sweet treat. Then, normally, on Mondays, I’m at least 1 kilo heavier. It doesn’t phase me because it’s off within a day or so. 
However, this Monday just gone was different. I had actually LOST a 1 kg over the weekend WITH my rewards. 
The only thing that changed?…
… my water intake. 
Also – I usually feel “bloated” on Mondays, but not this time. 
Again, we tend to overlook the EASIEST solutions 🙂 Increase your water intake and see what happens. 
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