“Eat Less & Exercise More” Is bad For You

last week I sent you my weekly ‘communication,’ entitled:

When Diet & Exercise Don’t Work

This week, my good friend and mentor – Nina, sent me a short video that supports last week’s message. (refer to below) but please carry on reading before doing so.

You see, the man in the photo form last weeks article – Jonathan, approached me a number of years ago. And, like many clients before him, expressed a massive ‘keeness’ to get back into shape – QUICKLY.

“Steve, what’s the fastest way to do this” – he asked?

I smiled and delivered my usual line – ‘All good things come to those who wait.’

“But what if I go on a Low Fat Diet and Exercise 5 Days Out of 7. Will that speed up the process”?

I said to Jonathan, that Eating less and training More would not be the best route to take.

The key to sculpturing the figure or physique you desire is to ‘fuel’ your body first. We cant expect a Formula 1 car to race around a track if we put diesel in it.

Back in the early 80’s, when I first set out on my venture in search of the elusive 6 pack, I made heaps of mistakes…. Training 6 day a week and living off boiled chicken & salads. The end result….. I had very little social life and was miserable

Ask yourself the following questions: What’s most important to me right now? And how can I achieve a positive outcome for both me and the people I love and respect.

Next – putting a strategy together that will strike a balance for me and my ‘tribe.’

Look……. I could prattle on for ages on this subject……

The intention of this message is to simply open your mind to asking yourself questions.

Take a look at the following video – it only last a little over 4 minutes, and make sure to check the diet by thedietdynamo, here’s proof that it really works.

Eat Less & Exercise More

My Guidance

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