Feel Better, Move Better, Look Better (Video Series)

I’m going to send a series of brief videos over the next 5 weeks to help you Feel Better, Move Better, Look Better.

Back in Sept last year I commenced a 12 Week JumpStart Challenge for new and existing clients. I sent them the videos I’m about to share with you

As you know, changing the way you look and feel is not just about ‘visiting the gym.’ 

When meeting a client for the first, I say:  “Instead of weight-loss, focus on gaining wellness.”

To achieve this, we must look at ‘The Whole You.’ In other words:

Your Mindset
Your Nutrition
Your Exercise

Here’s the first video in the series:

Strengthening Your Mindset

I look forward to sharing next weeks video – Building Good Behaviour Habits

Need A Helping Hand?

If you are confused/unsure about how to achieve a standard of health and a body to be proud of, give me a shout and let’s make both accountable towards your success.  

If you want to make 2018 your best year ever, please consider joining either my Face-to-face PT:
or my online training groups.

There are Two to choose from:

Ideal for those that have been wanting to make a change, but are unsure where to start. You’ll get immediate access to:

  • Supercharged fat burning workouts you can complete even under the most demanding time constraints.
  • Done-for-you nutrition guidelines to help you eat healthily at home or on the go.
  • Mindset ‘hacks’ for limitless motivation, and
  • Weekly group class (if a member at Surge).

All for Just $50 per month. 

The Personal Transformation Program is for those that have certain requirements or are working towards a specific goal and need that extra bit of accountability. You will get:

  • Unlimited email access/VIP support group, a Skype/phone planning session.
  • Weekly accountability catch ups.
  • Personalised meal plans.
  • Unlimited online training sessions. I will work with you one on one and ensure you reach your goals. No excuses!
VIP treatment for just $33 per week (Numbers limited)
In your corner


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