FREE Quick Protein Pancakes

3 years ago, when preparing for my Over 50’s bodybuilding competition, I searched the net for a ‘Gold Standard’ protein supplement that didn’t charge the earth to buy.

I found the protein I was looking for, and not only that but I came across a site that had legal roids for sale which were specially for bodybuilding, I’ve been loving them since then.

So impressed with the quality and the results it had produced, I’ve continued my purchases ever since

Photo – How it helped me…









The organisation I buy the protein from is called

I approached them recently and asked them: “Would you be prepared to offer my clients some type of deal if they were to purchase from you”?

Their response was: “ABSOLUTELY”!

So, here’s the deal – Bulk Nutrients have agreed, for every order you make, they will include in your order, some Free QUICK PROTEIN PANCAKES.

The process will involve a simple code word, which I’ll explain in just a moment.

But first, check out these products that I personally advocate that will help you reach your goals:

Goal 1: Lean Muscle Growth
Product: Whey Protein Isolate – From just $36 per KG – High in protein sourced from NZ GMO free and grass fed cows, virtually lactose free (no bloating), and very low in fats and carbs. Our WPI tastes delicious and is available in a range of flavours.

Product: Future Whey – From just $49 per KG – Future Whey is pure protein sourced from 100% free form amino acids making it dairy free with zero carbs, fats and sugars. Future Whey is light and refreshing, ideal post workout for muscle recovery and growth.

Goal 2: Value Muscle Growth
Product: Whey Protein Concentrate – From just $27 per KG – WPC is the best bang for buck protein in terms of cost per gram of protein. Our WPC is 100% Australian made, again from GMO free and grass fed cows. We believe it’s the best WPC on the market for taste, and it is great for muscle growth and recovery. It can cause some bloating for people sensitive to lactose, so in those cases recommend WPI.

Goal 3: Weight Loss
Product: Thermowhey – Starts at $39 for 1KG – A high protein shake that contains thermogenic fat burning ingredients. This delicious tasting shake is ideal between meals as a filling snack, or directly after exercise where the thermogenic ingredients will prolong fat burning.

Goal 4: Mass Gains / Bulking
Product: Muscle Food 101– Starts at $45 for 2.5KG – Essential for a bulking phase is the right combination of Carbs, Protein and healthy fats. We think we’ve hit the mark perfectly with our Muscle Food 101. We’ve based this product on the latest research for muscle growth, so included ingredients are at doses verified in scientific research. This product is perfect for hard gainers or simply those who have reached a plateau in their growth.

Goal 5: Enhance mental performance
Product: Cognitone – $33 for 1 bottle – Cognitone is a blend of nootropic ingredients and is designed for those looking for the best mental performance. It may assist users with improving memory, and cognitive ability.

So as you can see, there’s a nice range to choose from.

How To Make Your Order
The process is really simply, and I usually receive my orders within 5 working days.

1. Go shopping at
2. Add a QUICK PROTEIN PANCAKES to your cart.
3. At checkout, apply the code STEVE to have this item discounted to $0.

Now this is where I’d like to be totally transparent with you.

I have entered into An Affiliate agreement with Bulk nutrients. Meaning that I receive a small % of credit if you make a purchase. I’m simply asking for your support that will continue to help you achieve your goals. Plus, you are rewarded, in the form of Free QUICK PROTEIN PANCAKES.


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