I’ve heard all the excuses when it comes to exercise. In fact, I’ve used these common myths myself! Maybe you can relate to this…

“I don’t have enough time.”

“I have bad (insert anything here such as knees, shoulders, etc).”

“I am not in good enough shape to exercise regularly.”

So, I’m going to show you how to crush these excuses with actionable steps because let’s be honest, exercise is just too important to miss out on. You’ll feel AND look younger. You’ll move around easier. You’ll lose fat more efficiently. I could go on and on…

#1 The Trick for “I don’t have time”…

If a program calls for 4 sets of an exercise, stick with just 2. Now you’re cutting your routine time in half. This is actually better than doing the first half of a routine and ignoring the second half. (Well, at least the way I design them). 

If structured right, you’ll still hit all the key areas of your body, helping you metabolise and break down fat. Now will it be just as good as doing the full program? No, of course not. The secret is consistency. 

In fact, I know how to design 15-minute routines that bring 45-minute results. 

#2 The Trick for “I have bad (insert anything such as knees, shoulders, etc.)

If you have bad knees, you can substitute squats for:

a) Lying hip extensions
b) 1-Leg lying hip extensions
c) Step-ups
d) Lateral step-ups
e) Glute bridge

Here’s A Glute Bridge

Shoulder issues with push-ups? Do them at an incline (such as a bench, chair, or wall) and keep your elbows closer to your sides than normal. Don’t let your elbows “flare” out. 

#3 The Trick for “I am not in good enough shape.”

a) Reduce your exercise time until your body adapts (it’s better to do 3 short sessions per week than 1 long session)

b) Use beginner-friendly exercises such as Total Body Extensions to replace jumping movements, and use knee-friendly exercises (see above). Oh, and don’t forget to use a strategic progression! Meaning gradually increase your weights or reduce resting time without sacrificing exercise form.

Now you might be wondering where do I start? What do I need to do?

I got you covered. With Effective Training Tips To Produce The results You Want


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