How To Build Muscle and Reduce Fat Without Exercising More.

You may recall 2 weeks ago I mentioned that I was giving Telly a “public rest.” Well, I am. But I’d just like to mention about a conversation I had with him on the same day I sent that message.

You see, Telly’s Fat-loss goal of losing 50kg’s hit a blip. He initially lost 7 kilos, then came to a sudden halt.

I sat down with Telly to discover why!

What could it be?

Exercise? – No, he’s doing 4 to 5 visits and he’s training at the correct level to warrant fat-loss

Diet? – On the main, he’s sticking to the plan Dan gave him

Sleep? – Bingo! Here was the answer to why his progress was slowing down.

Some of you may know that Telly’s job is to help homeless people. It involves being out on the streets from 3pm to 11pm.

Without realising it, I was messing up his sleep patterns. Most days he’d go to bed at midnight and wake up a 9.00am.

However, every Wednesday Telly was having to get up at 6.30am to attend a PT session with me.

Here lies the answer. Irregular sleep cycles WILL HALT YOUR PROGRESS if your goal is to reduce body fat (notice then, I said ‘body fat’ and not weight-loss. There’s a big difference. That’s for another day).

We made a simple change…… We’ve agreed a late morning slot for his future weekly PT sessions, so that he can maintain his regular sleep patterns.

Here’s the thing….

Losing fat and toning muscle have their similarities. For example, doing the little things right consistently is what drops the kilos.

And doing the little things right can pack on the muscle, too. 

Yet when it does come to building muscle and getting stronger, one of the “little” things is actually a much bigger deal than you imagined…

Did you know there’s two times of the day your body builds the most muscle?:

1) After eating a post-workout meal
2) While you sleep

Now what I find hilarious is that most people (mainly men) love to post pictures of themselves chugging a protein shake. 

You see, most men wouldn’t even DARE skip their post-workout meal. 

Yet they NEVER think to optimize their sleep to optimize muscle growth, recover faster and better, and flood their body with ‘recovery hormones.’ 

It’s effortless muscle-building if you think about it. Well, almost effortless. You should have some kind of night routine in place to set yourself up for success, such as:

1) No electronics in bed
2) Aim to go to bed at the same time every night

I filmed this brief video a few years ago……….. Still relevant……Want to maximize your fat-loss potential?

Watch Here

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