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It’s the #1 most powerful time of the day to lose fat, yet most of us waste it.

Mornings. <== Don’t roll your eyes just yet. Let me tell you why…

I was training a fantastic couple back in 2010. They originally wanted to meet with me once a month at 6pm to go over their personal exercise program.

They were trying to get their exercise in after work. Problem was, most of the time, they ended up skipping their workout. And when they did drag themselves into the gym, they felt sluggish the whole time, forcing every rep with resentment. 

That’s no way to live. 

I challenged them to switch their exercise time to mornings BEFORE work.

And you know what happened next? 6 weeks rolled by and they didn’t miss a beat. Their clothes were falling off. Momentum was rolling. 

They got faster results in 6 weeks than they did in the previous 4 months by simply moving their workouts to the morning time.

Behold, the power of consistency. 

Now I’m not saying you won’t lose fat unless you exercise in the morning. But what I am saying is that if you’re not staying consistent and not getting results, maybe it’s time to explore the option of pounding the weights or treadmill in the mornings… 

Before the stresses of the day… 

Before the “busyness took control…. 

Before the “I’m too drained” kicks in… 

You know… the “I’m done” mentality. 

Whatever it takes to be CONSISTENT IN YOUR ACTIONS, will open the doors to your success.

Same goes with eating. Whats the point in saying “I’m going on a diet.” You know deep down, you wont stick with it.

Instead, find something that works for you….. Something that doesn’t feel like a bind.

What if, instead of weight loss, you shifted your focus to heath gain.

Mindset, language and intention matter when you’re approaching a major shakeup in your lifestyle.

Whether it’s eating better, committing to a new exercise regime, or sleeping better.

How you frame things matters.

So let’s imagine you are about to commence a lifestyle change, and the first thing that comes to mind is going on a diet.

Thinking of choices as a loss, what you’re ‘giving up’, the feeling of deprivation, hoping that you don’t ‘slip up’, etc is a huge mistake.

I cannot emphasize this enough.

Instead, approach lifestyle changes as an addition, an exploration, an experiment, an enhancement.

You see, the energy around that language, that mindset, is TOTALLY different.

When you focus on weight loss, you’re always at a deficit, always struggling, hurrying, being pulled and dragged.

Reframing your thinking – now possibilities become endless, You start to enjoy the journey and recognise all the ways your life is improving.

The energy is light, buoyant, and one of infinite potential.

Health gains come from a place of self-love, from the desire to nourish and heel.

Weight-loss, on the other hand comes from a place of self-hatred, of minimizing, of shrinking down to fit.

Don’t get sucked into a tug-of-war with your bathroom scales.

Add things to your routine – an hour more of sleep, another serving of veggies, some quiet time for you – instead of focusing on what you’re losing or taking away.


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