Instead Of Weight Loss Focus On This

What if, instead of weight loss, you shifted your focus to health gain?

Mindset, language and intention matter when you’re approaching a major shakeup in your lifestyle. Whether it’s eating better, committing to that exercise program you’ve been wanting to try, or sleeping more.

How you frame things matters

So let’ imagine you are about to commence a lifestyle change, and the first thing that comes to mind is going on a diet.

Thinking of your choices as a loss, what you’re “giving up”, the feelings of deprivation, hoping you don’t “slip up”, etc is a huge mistake.

I cannot emphasise this enough

Instead, approach lifestyle changes as an addition, an exploration, an experiment, an enhancement. You see, the energy around that language, that mindset, is TOTALLY different. When you focus on weight loss, you’re always at a deficit, always struggling, hurrying, being pulled and dragged.

Reframing your thinking – now Possibilities become endless

  • You start to enjoy the journey and recognise all the ways your life is improving.
  • The energy is light, buoyant, and one of infinite potential.
  • Health gains come from a place of self-love, from the desire to nourish and heal.
  • Weight loss on the other-hand comes from a place of self-hatred, of minimising, of shrinking down to fit.

I recently seen a quote, “Weight loss is a by-product of better health.”

It is the result of taking steps to gain health, not the cause. Don’t get sucked into the tug of war with your bathroom scales.

Add things to your routine – an hour more of sleep, another serving of veggies, some quiet time for you – instead of focusing on what you’re losing or taking away.

Gradually, you’ll gain a foothold and these small but powerful good habits will start to effortlessly fall into others like dominos.

Health gain

Shift your mindset and see what opens up for you.

That concludes today’s message.

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