It’s time you made that shift.

We know the most effective ways to lose fat, gain muscle, improve sleep, etc. However, our own habits, beliefs, and daily routine are also what sabotage us. It all starts with forming better habits. Having a solid morning ritual that may include springing out of bed early, drinking coffee, meditating, and going for a morning run would be a good start. However, you prefer to start your day, having an established morning routine can help in not only making your day more productive but ultimately create the life that you want.


The problem is that most individuals over 40 are so deeply ingrained into their daily norms that it’s much harder to break habits, even the ones that no longer serve them.


“If we keep doing what we have always done, we will keep getting what we have always got.”


I like to use the analogy of the rocket ship here. A rocket ship needs a lot of effort to get started but it gets increasingly easier as momentum is created. Forming better habits is hard, but taking that first step is always promising. Make that decision, make a plan, and set your goals. Intentionally focus on the habits that you know will take you in the right direction towards your goals. You may hit some bumps along the way, but you should carry on, anyway. Shift your mindset, revisit your goals, and start again.


Note: Your day-to-day habits have to be aligned with your goal at an unconscious level in order to execute them effortlessly. It then takes a minimum of 66 days to rewire the brain and make them automatic. The goals or results you achieve are an effect of your habits. Rewiring your daily habits long enough to keep them unconscious will help you achieve your desired results. So, ask yourself this question. How are my behaviors helping or hurting my results? It would take more than a new training program or a diet change. This would require a much deeper shift! Would you like some guidance?

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