The Latest On Telly’s Progress

Here’s the latest on Telly’s progress:
5 gym visits – “TICK”
Has his personal eating plan – “TICK”
Consistently working at the optimum target zone to achieve his long-term 50kg loss – “TICK’

Completed his first week in dramatic style; so much so, I’ve had to advise him to step back a notch, to avoid over-training and leading to a potential regress. 

You may have seen from the first video clip; Our gym scales didn’t work because they are limited to 200kg’s.
Missed it? Watch It Here
So I simply took measurements:

Arm: 50 cm’s
Chest: 157
Waist: 168

And here’s Telly Meeting Dan for his eating plan
For the first 3 weeks, We’re going through the ‘Foundation Building Stage.’ In other words, increasing his heart/lung capacity. Creating new movement patterns. And “Waking up” his muscles in readiness for the “Change Stage.”

Here’s Telly working out: Telly, Going For It
Look out next week:
When Dan will be sharing Telly’s eating plan.
Revealing Telly’s latest measurement.
Plus more action ‘vids’ of Telly

If you are confused/unsure about how to achieve a standard of health and a body to be proud of, give me a shout and let’s make both accountable towards your success.  

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