Lose 1 Dress Size in 29 Days

Ladies…. This is for you

This is aggressive, but it works. And when you follow these 3 tips, you’ll be down at least one dress size…
… possibly MORE. (I’ll explain). 
And before you go on, don’t worry. This doesn’t involve…
Crash dieting…..or
Dangerous cleanses where you end up gaining all your weight back and end up with a SLOWER metabolism…
or extreme exercise…
You ready?
Rule #1 – Drink MORE of THIS
Aim to consume 2 litres of water EVERY day. Spread it out throughout the day and if you’re concerned about being in the toilet all night, consume most of it until 3 hours before bed. Read this recently……
You’ll boost your fat-burning metabolism by up to 30% thanks to new research from Berlin’s Franz-Volhard Clinical Research Center. 
Wait. I have MORE proof behind the “magic” of water…
In another study in the journal Obesity, overweight and obese participants who drank water before each meal lost 44% more weight, compared to a group that did not drink more water.
Got to be a no-brainer – Drink up every day. 
Rule #2 – Increase Your Protein
Aim for 70 – 120 grams of quality protein per day. Then fill in the rest of your nutrition with non-starchy vegetables, fruit and healthy fats. 
Protein takes the most energy to digest (20-30% of total calories in protein eaten go to digesting it). Next is carbohydrates (5-10%) and then fats (0-3%).

So, if you eat 100 calories from protein, your body uses 20-30 of those calories to digest and absorb the protein. You’d be left with a net 70-80 calories. Pure carbohydrates would leave you with a net 90-95 calories, and fats would give you a net 97-100 calories.
Rule #3 – Eat ONLY until you’re about 80% full, with protein being your focus. Remember, this is just for 29 days.
Rule #4 – Enjoy a reward meal once a week. I know you might be used to 3-4 “cheats”, but like I said… you could drop ONE dress size in the next few weeks doing this. 
Rule #5… You MUST exercise.
Changing your nutrition approach without exercise is like serving yourself a load of pancakes without syrup. It just doesn’t make sense. You’ll lose fat, but you’ll also lose precious calorie-burning muscle. Not good.
Once you reach your late 30’s, you should change your exercise approach to FUNCTIONAL exercises VS “fat loss” exercises. The fat loss then becomes a byproduct because of the way women’s bodies work in their late 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and beyond. 
And… your exercise should be short. 
High intensity programs are good, but sometimes, it’s time to hit the “reset” button and improve your fundamentals…
… before it’s too late.
If you find you don’t have the time for 30-minute workouts, but want the benefits of keeping calorie-burning muscle while slimming down… 

Try this formula…..

Bunch 3 exercises together with no rest………. Here’s an example
30 seconds hold on the plank. 5 Inch worms. And 15 reps on the squats.
Rest for just 45 seconds. Then repeat another 2 times.

But before you do that…. Do this complete this warm up routine:
hat was just a ‘snippet’…. A part routine. But it’s is a good fit for you if…

– You are wanting to focus on your belly, hips and thighs

– A step-by-step formula to eliminate “stress fat”, primarily found in women 35 and older

– Need follow-along videos and coaching

Now to lose a full dress size in 29 days is aggressive, but when you combine all 5 “rules”, it will happen. 


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