Part 2 to Your #1 Combination for Busting ANY Plateau to Moving Better, Feeling Better, Looking Better

I hope the last week has been productive for you!

Last weeks message was about “#1 combination for busting ANY plateau.”

The said combination was: 

1) Increase the RIGHT protein

2) Use the RIGHT intensity with exercise

I like my messages to be brief. So I decided to split them into two. The first was about protein intake to maximise your gains. 

Today, let’s discuss ‘building up a sweat’…. let’s talk about ‘getting serious’…. let’s talk about ‘taking you in the right direction that gives you the results you both want and deserve.’

In a nutshell. Nothing results from In-action (apart from NO RESULTS).

Or this……


No matter what your goals are (Weight-loss. Muscle tone. Better movement patterns…. ect) they all require an element of ‘exercise intensity.’ 

Most people, if they’re honest with themselves, stop way-short of creating hypertrophy – in other words – breaking down muscle fibres enough for them to progress.

If you are exercising – ask yourself:  Is my training effective? 
Am I focused and striving to do more work/lift more weights/and or do more reps in the session? Plus, am I training regularly enough over a 7 day period?

Research studies have shown that frequency of exposure to a stimulus i.e. exercise is a primary key to success.

Once you have effective and technically sound exercise, performed with appropriate intensity, on a regular basis – then you can think about adding volume. 

And what I mean by volume is the amount of reps and sets you perform. 
Having said that, more is not always better.

Put another way, doing more work can’t replace effectiveness, intensity or regularity. More hours does not equal more results.

In order to get our bodies to change, new demands need to be placed on it. 

Results occur as an outcome of progressive exercise using frequency, intensity and duration to cause the body to adapt and change. 

Unfortunately, Our bodies are essentially resistant to change. What scientists called homeostasis.

What this means to you and I is…..
Our bodies want to stay the same – the same temperature, same weight, same strength etc. 

But our goal is to do exactly the opposite. To create a change we need to apply a new demand or stimulus that overloads the body and creates a stress, that its not used to.

Would you like to learn more? Watch My Brief Video

Until then…… Keep pumpin


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