Post hernia fitness success

After 4 hernia operations over an 18 month period, I found myself in a position of having a large extended stomach, which no matter how much I trained or how little I ate would not reduce in size. 

Doctors told me that I had separated my abdominal muscles and they doubted I would ever get back to having the body I was looking for.

This sent me into a depressive life style that affected everything I did, I hated how I looked which put a strain on my personal life, I couldn’t buy clothes that looked good on me and friends although lightheartedly, would make the fat comments which for a guy who only weighed 56kg at the age of 30 was something that made life not worth living for.

I had known Steve for a number of years and approached him with a “this is my final hope” attitude. He made me feel empowered and got me to accept that I was never going to have a perfect body, but insisted I could most definately have a better one than I had now.

Steve’s knowledge and research into my specific issues was amazing, and he quickly devised a purpose built programme for me and my needs.

I commenced the programme with all the commitment in the world as we all do initially. After 4 weeks I had lost 5% body fat and reduced measurements significantly. Now I know that this is going to be a long journey, but with Steve in my corner I have every faith that I will succeed.

Now 6 weeks in, I haven’t lost an abundance of weight, but people are commenting on my new look and how much slimmer I am. My new diet which Steve has worked out for me is super easy to do and follow, and I am feeling better physically than I have for many years.This is making all the hard work worthwhile and the results I’m seeing are giving me the motivation to continue. My mental state is now one of happiness and confidence all thanks to the tools Steve has given me to work with

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