Are You ‘Process’ or ‘Goal’ Driven?

I put the following question to my clients who are on the 12 Week Jumpstart Program:

Are You Process or Goal Driven?

A good friend and mentor of mine came out with the following statement during her personal training session with me:

“People can either be Process or Goal driven in their endevour to achieve results.” Which one of the two is the winning attitude?

The statement got me thinking about how people in the gym approach their training. In other words, HOW are they thinking when the ‘going gets tough’ during the completion of their reps & sets? And what are the effects of each attitude?

Imagine this: I’m standing beside you during a training session and have asked you to achieve a new personal best by completing 12 repetitions on a bench press bar.

You’re in position. Bar above your head. First 6 reps you’ve completed comfortably. 7 and 8 are tougher. 9 and 10 are taking you to your limit.

(Besides, ‘Steve, get this weight off me’), What are you honestly thinking at this point?

Are you intent to maintain your form? Or is it “I have to achieve my 12 reps?”

Quality vs Quantity
As you know, It’s a good feeling to complete a goal; or in this case, a personal best. However, the important question, which only you can answer is: “Did I complete those 12 repetitions in perfect form (Process Driven?) Or did I ‘cheat’ on my form, just to complete the said reps (Goal Driven?)”.

This thought process could apply to anything that we are trying to achieve in life. It’s quality versus quantity – What is best?

Returning to the personal best scenario with the bench press bar, I’m in no doubt that you will progress quicker and further if you first apply your thoughts using the ‘Process’ route.

This entails being aware and present in the moment. Then when you switch to the ‘Goal’ route for the last 2 reps, it is by choice and to stretch your personal best.

Eventually you’ll grow into the “process” attitude, that is staying present to what you are doing and noticing how your muscles are responding when completing all your repetitions on a given weight.

It’s then time to increase the weight and repeat your original routine with integrated thinking – combining ‘Process’ with ‘Goal.’

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