Telly’s Progress Week 3

Surge have teamed together to support a well-deserved member during his 12 week transformation period 

Here’s the latest on Telly’s progress: Week 3

Again, achieved his 5 gym visits 
Is moving through his exercises with more efficiency
Lost Cm’s across is body (see below)  
Above all, when asked ‘how he was feeling.’ He replied: “Good – I’m feeling tighter all over.”

You may have seen from the first video clip; Our gym scales didn’t work because they are limited to 200kg’s. But he managed to use the scales at his local medical centre. 

He’s now down to 209kg’s and looking forward achieving his first milestone of dipping under 200.


Week 2: Arm: 50 cm’s Chest: 157. Waist: 168
Week 3: Arm: 50 cm’s Chest: 156. Waist: 167 

Me and Telly going through his weekly ‘Tale of the Tape.’
We’re still moving through the final weeks of the ‘Foundation Building Stage.’ In other words, increasing his heart/lung capacity and creating new movement patterns. Typically it can take between 4 to 6 for an individual to progress to the “Change Stage.”

Here’s Telly Nutritional plan: Nutrition Plan

Look out next week:

When Telly will be sharing how he is feeling after 1 month on the challenge.
Revealing Telly’s latest measurement.
Plus more action ‘vids’ or photos
If you are confused/unsure about how to achieve a standard of health and a body to be proud of, give me a shout and let’s make both accountable towards your success.  
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