Telly’s Progress Week 5

Surge have teamed together to support a well-deserved member during his 12 week transformation period 

We’re on Week 5 and Telly is experiencing his first ‘BLIP.’

He called me on the morning of his PT session – “Sorry Boss (he calls everyone Boss) I’ve been called into work, cant make our session.” 

He managed to visit the gym that afternoon, but he wasn’t having a good week. Here’s what he said:

“Feeling a bit down Boss. Had to put in two 16 hour days at work. And slipped up due to not preparing my food. Wifey has been telling me to get back into it today.” 

Telly’s wife is right. All my clients experience set-backs. Sometimes, other responsibilities take president. Resulting in training being pushed to the ‘back-burner.’ The key point is to get back on track as soon as you can- Consistency is the king!

I reminded Telly how much he has progressed over the past 5 weeks. I asked him to find a photo of when he was at his heaviest, and cast his mind back to how he felt when the photo was taken. Then compare to how he is feeling now.

Here’s the photo he sent me:




Look out next week:

When Telly will ‘Upping the anti’ when he commences his ‘Change Stage’
Revealing Telly’s latest measurements.
Plus more action ‘vids’ or photos
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