That Felt Good….

I realised something important about exercise that’s worth sharing with you.

Most of the time, when encouraging you to exercise, I focus on health and fat loss.

These are two significant benefits, but there’s another side effect of exercise that’s hugely important…

How you feel after doing it.

Every workout has an immediate impact on your energy, mood, body chemistry, and even mental functioning. The endorphin’s released are specifically designed to make you feel good.

All of these factors combined create your overall feeling of well-being.

Don’t you want to feel good?

The tricky part is that most of us are habit driven, and so our activity level (or lack thereof) is fairly consistent day-to-day and week-to-week. 

This makes the impact of each sedentary day less noticeable, since another similar day causes no obvious change. It simply perpetuates your current state of un-wellbeing, with a slow decline.

Why this matters: You could begin feeling a lot better than you do today by starting to exercise.

This could come as a surprise, especially if you believe that the way you feel today is a given, and not something that can be improved….

By maintaining a consistent, challenging exercise plan:

  • Your aches and pains can disappear.
  • You can feel light and your energy levels can soar.
  • Your mood can naturally become more optimistic.
  • You can avoid illness and disease.
  • You can think and process information quicker and with more clarity.

And then, once you’re in the groove of exercising regularly, you’ll forget about the pain, the sluggishness, and the discomfort that you used to live with.

Making regular exercise part of your routine is a foolproof method for improving your overall well-being.

It’s a gift that you give to yourself with each workout.

If you’re not currently exercising (or even if you are) try this 10 minute basic combination workout that will get you ‘2018 ready’ (no equipment required):

Single-Leg Step Ups

Complete 15 reps on each leg (Only use the box in the video if you are an advanced trainer. Beginners, select something sturdy that is at bench height).

Singe-Arm Cable Rows

Complete 15 reps on each arm

Push Ups

15 reps

No Rest For The Wicked
Complete ALL 3 exercises with no rest.
Then take 30 seconds to 1 minute’s rest (depending on your current fitness level)
Repeat the above 3 exercises for 2 more rounds. Completing 12 reps. Then 10 reps.

Simply BE CONSISTENT and achieve similar results – Just like Jonathan

Thrive Fitness Testimonial - Johnathan

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