The Emotional You

Four Pillar Lifestyle Video series

In the second of my four part video series about the 4 Lifestyle pillars to fat loss we will tackle issue of stress. I call this: The Emotional you.

We all know It’s paramount that we relax as much as we can to recover from our workouts.

It is just that LIFE happens.

There isn’t a day goes by when I experience a client who runs out of steam and is unable to train at a level that will stimulate eventual muscle growth and ultimately, fat loss. What do they all have in common with each other? Stress.

A bit of stress every now and again is normal, but living with continual stress can have a major impact on our health.

In this video I will talk about the roll that cortisol plays in our fat deposits.

I will also give you five tips of how to limit the effects of cortisol and stress in your life.

Next week I will share with you the 3rd Life-style pillar to fat loss – The Nutritional You, where you’ll learn how to maximise your energy levels before you train and optimise recovery after you’ve trained.

If you missed the first instalment of the Four Lifestyle Pillars you can follow this link to watch it.

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