The feared “F” word is literally KILLING society.
This one word holds us back from knowing what to eat. This one word holds us back from knowing when to push hard or slow down. This one word holds us back from deeper connection and true fulfillment.
And that one word is… FEELING.
In today’s rushed, busy, agender-driven world, we completely lose the ability to check-in and FEEL what our body is already telling us. To this point, I have personally trained well over 500 driven professionals. All doing their best to make their mark in the world while still maintaining a relationship, family, and career. With so much on your shoulders, it becomes easier and easier to remove yourself from focus. We stop hearing our breathing increase. We stop seeing ourselves age in the mirror. We stop seeing ourselves mask stress with more processed foods.
In the pursuit of getting everything done, we forget that by not looking after ourselves in the process we might as well drag along a massive boulder with us. This boulder represents the toxicity, chronic inflammation, and general dysregulation of our bodies’ cells making us more tired, cranky, and sluggish, simply because as a society we’ve lost the ability to feel. We live over 90% of our day unconsciously, without questioning if this is serving us or not. If you do ONE thing after reading this post, simply sit upright and take 5 deep breaths.
4 seconds in.
6 seconds out.
5 times.
How do you feel?
What muscles are tight? Has your mind been racing all morning?
Have you eaten today?
Should I workout today, or just go for a short walk to get some fresh air?
You start answering these simple but powerful questions and you build a skillset that very few people today have. You start to see why the tortoise is faster than the hare. You get more done, will less stress, more connection and more fulfillment. This is the SKILLSET that I focus on with my clients. Because without this, not nutrition, exercise or health adjustments will stick.
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