This Can Change The Way You LOOK, FEEL AND MOVE (Video)

One of my clients sent me a ‘clipping’ from The West Australian. I’ve taken the liberty of sharing the most relevant sections of narrative with you, and offering my guidance via a video I recently did with one of my clients.

Here’s what the article said: 

Why do you exercise? If it is to look like a fitness model on Instagram, you’re probably going about it the wrong way.

Millennials are quick to turn to Instagram for fitness inspiration, or “fitspo” as they like to hashtag, but a national omnibus survey of 1033 Australians conducted by Colmar Brunton has highlighted that half of its millennial respondents had not exercised in so long they didn’t even know where to start.


It’s not just the millennials though. About half of all West Australians surveyed (49 per cent) are failing to exercise three or more times a week for at least 30 minutes — well below the recommended guidelines set out by the department of Health.

Associate professor Kevin Netto, from the School of Physiotherapy and Exercise Science at Curtin University, says the key to maintaining a good exercise regime is to do it for the right reasons.

“If you’re starting from the fact that you just want to look like somebody on Instagram, it’s a very difficult place to start because it’s a difficult place to keep going with it,” he explains.

“I also think a focus on weight is terrible. I mean the focus should really be on health and measures of health, like blood pressure, blood glucose, not just weight. There’s a whole bunch of things we can measure and we can measure very quickly, but they’ve chosen one thing and weight is a terrible measure.”

According to professor Netto, much like nutrition, exercise has become fad-like in nature and fads, as we know, never stick.

“Millennials, I think, have to go back to what is a core belief — do you believe that exercise does truly enhance your health and wellbeing? Then that’s a really good place to start, so then what I would suggest from there is to get really good advice around your goal.”

Steve’s Thoughts
I agree with the professors sentiments. The key, and very foundation to your success is ALIGNING YOUR GOALS WITH YOUR “CORE BELIEFS” and, I’ll also add… YOUR OUTCOMES.

I recently shot a video with one of my clients. His name is John Reid. He’s been extremely candid in sharing his ‘fitness journey.’ How he aligned his beliefs with his long-term outcome. And how he found a health and fitness schedule that works for him.

Watch It Here

Hope you enjoyed that.

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