Upside Down Kettlebell Walk

The Upside Down Kettlebell Walk is a single-arm exercise designed to challenge static motor control, joint stability, and muscular strength from an upright, moving posture. It’s a great way to train the abs and core and is also a great warm-up exercise before heavy lifting sessions. How To Do:1. Assume an athletic stance facing a clear walking path.2. Hold a kettlebell upside-down in one hand, with that hand in front of your shoulder at chin height. Squeeze the hand that grips the kettlebell to engage the muscles in your shoulder (rotator cuff and scapula). Note: The elbow angle should be 90 degrees and your elbow should be slightly below your shoulder and next to your body. The kettlebell should be beside your head. 3. Inhale, activate your core, squeeze your glutes, and begin walking forward in a controlled manner.  4. Walk for 20 to 40 yards, stop, lower the kettlebell, turn around, switch hands, and walk back. Remember to squeeze your grip, keep your core tight, and not let your lower back arch all throughout the exercise. 5. Do 2 to 4 sets in each direction. Check out this video for a visual explanation of how to do the upside down kettlebell walk:

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