Want Results In Less Time? Try This (Video)

TIME is so important to us all. Anything that can save this commodity is worth it’s weight in gold.

I’m about to share a video with you……

I put Sharon (one of my clients) through her paces.

Sharon’s ‘brief’ when we first trained together was: “Steve, show me how I can tone my figure in the quickest time.” She’s not one for shying away from working hard in the gym. So this allows me to create ‘positive pain’ in the shortest of time (my favourite job). 

Introducing Matrix Training
It’s a unique form of weight training that was created by Dr. Ronald Laura nearly three decades ago. 

It allows you to move your body through a series of exercises that are based on a pattern of partial movements designed to activate muscles at multiple points that aren’t otherwise worked effectively.

The benefits: It increase the potential to achieve maximum efficiency, toning the body faster and more effectively than conventional weight training.

Another advantage to this way of training is, because it doesn’t rely on using heavy weights the risk of muscle strain and injury are significantly less than other injury rates that are associated with conventional weight training.

Now, this is not for the feint-hearted. Word of warning…… Don’t push yourself too much when commencing. Otherwise, you end up with a face like this……

This form of training can be performed on virtually any exercise. However, for beginners and intermediate trainers, I would avoid bench press and barbell squats.

Watch Sharon Here

Hope you enjoyed that.

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