What is causing you ‘PAIN’ right now?

I asked the the question in the subject line: What is causing you ‘PAIN’ right now?

When I refer to the word ‘pain,’ my real meaning is layered in several areas:
Yes, it could literally be pain in your shoulder, knee, back, elbow. But more specifically, i’m referring to ‘Pain’ in other areas of your life that may be causing Concern. Embarrassment. Inconvenience. Restrictions, to name just a few. 

These ‘Pains’ usually stem from one or several of the following areas that need your attention: 

 Inconsistent, quality sleep patterns

 Insufficient nutrients via your food intake

3) Your mindset

4) Poor exercise regime

There are other causes that can result in ‘Pain’ such as Medical issues.. eg hormonal, skeletal, thyroid……….. but for today, let’s briefly highlight the above.

My readers tell me to keep my messages as concise as possible. So here we go. Simply choose one or several that most concerns you.

1. Do you have poor sleep patterns? WATCH THIS BRIEF VIDEO

2. Would you class your current nutrition intake as ‘I could do better’? WATCH THIS BRIEF VIDEO

3. Are you a ‘glass half empty or glass half full’ person? Have you set a vision for your future? WATCH THIS BRIEF VIDEO

4. Honestly now, can you put hand on heart and say ‘I exercise enough, and at the right level to produce a positive outcome.’ WATCH THIS BRIEF VIDEO

When meeting a client for the first time, I asked them “What is the purpose of joining the gym?” The answers i receive are: “I want to lose weight. Tone my belly. Get rid of my bingo wings”…… all good answers.

But what they’re really saying is: “I want joy, contentment, fulfillment, great relationships, curiosity and fascination, passion and enthusiasm. Excitement and accomplishment.

SO, what single factor trumps the above 4 issues and will help you towards being the person you deserve and want to be………………

No matter how much information there is, and no matter how good that information is, if the person consuming it doesn’t have the right catalyst, the catalyst that will allow them to apply that information effectively, then success will still elude their grasp.

It’s like eating the best food in the world without the intestinal capacity to digest or absorb it. It may be fantastic, incredibly accurate information with amazing insights and a track record of proven success, but it goes right through you, leaving you weak and hungry as you were before you ate it.

If you’ve ever been told “You’ll get it if you just want it bad enough,” I’m here to let you off the hook: It simply isn’t true Just wanting something doesn’t necessarily get it for you, not even when you combine wanting with trying really hard and working really hard. You can want all you want, and try yourself blue in the face…. but it still won’t happen – not without a particular ingredient.

Every January in every gym in Australia (and throughout the world), millions of people start over in the process that they will soon quit. And the only reason they’re going to quit is that they haven’t set themselves up with the right expectation. They aren’t looking for incremental progress: they’re looking for results they can feel right now. They’re looking for a breakthrough. They don’t have a whisper of a chance.

So easy to do, and easy not to do. And with in that insignificant, tiny choice, most people, eventually opt…. not to do. End result, they quit and go on to live their life in quiet desperation.

Don’t let the above happen to you.


Change your expectations. Whether you’re contemplating joining a gym or a regular gym junkie………………. Be consistent in gradually adding positive actions into your life.

What happens if you add one small, simple positive action to the success side? Nothing you can see. What happens if you add one more? Nothing you can see. What happens if you keep adding one more, and one more, and one more……..?

Before too long, you see the scales shift, ever so slightly. And then again. And eventually, that heavy “failure” side starts to lift, and lift, and lift….. and the scales start to swing your way. 

No matter how much negative weight from the past is on the other side, just by adding those little grams of success, one at a time (and not adding more weight to the failure side), you will eventually and inevitably begin to shift the scales in your favour. 

In your corner


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