You Snooze, You Lose (Video)

The alarm goes off. You’re awake. You have two choices…

1) Hit the snooze button and just lay there for 9 minutes (because you and I both know you can’t fall back into a deep sleep in just 9 minutes).

2) Get up and win your morning.

9 minutes may not sound like a big deal.

But look at the maths…

9 Minutes X 5 Days Per Week = 45 minutes a week

Now imagine NOT hitting the snooze button and setting your alarm just 6 minutes sooner…

That’s 15 minutes per day that magically lands in your lap. That’s an extra 75 minutes a week you get doing this just 5 days a week.

15 minutes, especially in the mornings before the world smothers you with distractions, can be the difference between dreams achieved and dreams…. well…. just dreamed.

You snooze, you lose.

Starting tomorrow, stop hitting the snooze button. Move your clock or phone across the room if you have to. Win your mornings and win your day.

And now that you’ve discovered an additional 15 minutes, I suggest You Use This Right Here (Video)

Occasionally, we just need some guidance. Someone who understands your current position. Someone who can give you the knowledge and a ‘success formula’ for you to achieve your weight-loss & health goals.


12 Week
 Personal Transformation Programme 

I specialise in people just like yourself who’ve previously tried and ‘not quite got over the finish line.’ 

This time will be different..

You and me will work out together, your personalised ‘Success Formula’ to create a new lifestyle that works for you, even during your busiest schedules. This includes designing a personalised program of physical training, with exercises appropriate to your needs and goals, a do-able nutrition regime and a powerful success-focused mind set.

We’ll go on a journey together, Using my “4 Pillars To Success” framework, helping you regain and maintain motivation to ensure you stay focused on achieving your ideal health, including your ideal weight.

Give me 12 weeks and I GUARANTEE you will feel better, move better and look better.

And here’s an additional incentive…..

FIRST 5 RECIPIENTS FREE – limited time bonus 

The first 5 people who register on this link CONTACT will get their first 2 weeks free. This means, you’ll pay nothing upfront. I will take all the risk. You will receive 4 hours of my undivided attention, Including:

1. A Personalised exercise programme

2. A do-able Personalised nutrition plan that fits into your busy schedule

3. And most importantly – A Powerful Success Coaching session aimed to transform your attitudes towards your health and well-being, as well as your body measurements. 

Here’s the good news. The cost of this is just $33 per week (Paid Monthly) and there is no minimum time – in other words, you can cancel at any time.

What to do next……

Option 1:

I’d like to see if we are a ‘good fit’ and to ascertain if I can help you. Simply click on the following link and answer the these questions:

1.       What ‘challenges, obstacles or pain’ can I help you conquer?
2.       Why is it important for you to conquer?
3.       What specific results would you like to achieve.


Or Option 2:

For more information, click here…

The Personal Transformation Programme

In your corner





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