12 Week Transformation

$250.00 / month

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The 12 Week Personal Transformation Program is for those that have certain requirements or are working towards a specific goal and need that extra bit of accountability. You will get:

Unlimited email access/VIP support group, a Skype/phone planning session.
Weekly accountability catch ups.
Personalised meal plans.

Unlimited online training sessions. I will work with you one on one and ensure you reach your goals. No excuses!


  1. When initially starting, the workouts I provide for you may be too long, hard or intense for some people. If you do not have the time to complete the entire workout or if you find them too tough, then you can shorten it by eliminating some sets from each of the exercises. You can progress each week by adding in more sets as you feel comfortable doing so.
  2. Select a weight that is challenging For the required reps:
    1. Close to failure on the last couple of reps
    2. Not too heavy that you cannot complete the exercise safely and effectively
    3. Not too light that you are able to complete another five or 10 reps after finishing the required reps and sets.
  3. Always seek help from a “spotter”on any exercise that you do not feel safe enough to continue. People will be more than happy to help. Ask an employee at the gym or someone else who is training (do not interrupt them mid-set!!!)
  4. Rest periods are “recommended” and if you feel you need longer, then extend your rest
  5. The shorter the rest break, the more intense you’ll be working out. It will also offer “cardio” benefits by keeping rest periods shorter.
  6. You must track the weights/sets/reps on every exercise you complete. I want you to know exactly how much you are lifting and this will enable us to progress in the future weeks.
  7. Tempo – the timing of each lift. Different tempo’s offer different results.Eg. – 1236 1 - represents the time to lift (concentric) the weight 2 - represents the time transitioning between the lifting/lowering (concentric/eccentric) moves. Also the pause 3 - represents the time to lower (eccentric) the weight 6 - represents the total amount of time to complete 1 rep.Eg. Barbell bicep curl – 1236 A - 1 second to curl the barbell to the chest B – 2 seconds pausing at the top C - 3 descending the barbell from chest to straight arm position D - 6 total time taken to complete 1 rep
  1. If an exercise is labeled “a” and “b” then it is a superset. A superset is when you transition from one exercise to the other without rest.
  2. 3 X 10 - represents three sets of 10 reps
  3. warm-ups and cooldown’s are important.
  4. If you miss a workout, then do not stress. But do try your best to stick with the program
  5. If you do not have access to the required equipment, then please post a question in the support group. I will offer some alternative exercises for you to choose from.
  6. Please ask all questions regarding the workouts or nutrition in the support group. There may be other people who will benefit from reading your question.
  7. Please let me know of any issues or suggestions