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The clients I work with are getting life changing results and find the mix of support, expertise and accountability invaluable. All you need to do is focus on the plan and enjoy the results.

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Aleksandra HendersonAleksandra Henderson

I’ve always struggled with making it to the gym on consistent basis and used to just do the exercises I was comfortable with and wondered why things weren’t progressing anywhere. �
In the last 12 months, post couple of trainers and feeling super anxious about each session, I met up with Steve and he has truly been amazing, patient and flexible with me (and yes miss high maintenance over here ���).
He is very professional but fun, intuitive and observant, and focuses on correct posture and pushes you to achieve your best and feel good about it.
I used to be super nervous about new exercises and programs too, but now completely 100% trust him with anything he trows my way (and he does push the boundaries of friendship �) but he listens to me (ignoring the winging) and my body (more importantly) and works on what suits best.
I’m trying the new online program and loving the simple instructions and a plan he’s put together for me.
Can’t honestly recommend Steve highly enough. It’s all about lifestyle and making consistent effort in yourself for your own health and well being.
Best decision ever and so wish I joined up earlier!! ���
Thanks Steve for all your help to date �

Steve Sharkey

Online Personal Trainer & Lifestyle Coach

When were together, you’re my only focus, and I’ll always be prepared and ready for you, from the first minute of a session to the last. In addition, I promised to:

  • Invest as much time as needed to understand your unique life, time, and nutrition challenges.
  • Work in conjunction with any other health professionals you’re currently seeing (including but not exclusive to doctors, physiotherapists and chiropractors) to ensure you get effective and well-rounded care.
  • Utilise my extensive experience with training and movement techniques to deliver pain-free results.
  • Custom design a personal training experience that is perfect for you.
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  • Steve focuses on the whole you
  • 35 years of experience customising fitness solutions for clients
  • Realistic about modern day lifestyle challenges
  • Personally involved in all aspects of the business
  • Certified practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)