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Hi, I’m Steve

l’ve been a personal trainer for a L…O…N…G… time

  • Aside from personal training my other job is washing the dishes and walking the dog!
  • I once jumped out of an aeroplane at 12,000 ft -NEVER AGAIN I
  • My love for chocolate has a positive effect – it makes me train harder!

That’s me in a nutshell

I could tell you more, but here’s how I can help you, which is what really matters. I’m a coach for busy men and women who are 40 and beyond. l’m going to get you MOVING BETTER, FEELING BETTER…….. and yes, dare I say it…… LOOKING BETTER, by losing up to 10kg of BODY FAT in 90 days or less.

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We help busy women drop two dress sizes and reclaim their pre-baby bodies.

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We help busy men burn the beer gut and build an Athlean look to be proud of.

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Inspiring stories of success

The clients I work with are getting life changing results and find the mix of support, expertise and accountability invaluable. All you need to do is focus on the plan and enjoy the results.

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Antonina BivonaAntonina Bivona

I have been working with Steve on and off for many years with great benefit. I enjoy his training style, his enthusiasm and encouraging optimism; even when I have had difficulties complying with the exercises, I am always coming out of the gym with more motivation to continue, and persevere. I have also enjoyed his knowledge and guidance when he has been proposing special strategies, such as visualization and goal setting, especially geared to improve focus and staying power. I surely recommend Steve Sharkey as a personal trainer any time. I also recommend his online programs: the Transformation Program has been great, especially when I have been travelling, or when I have not been able to have face to face encounters. I also recommend his special sessions on positive attitude and mind-set, motivation and goal setting, where his NLP expertise is most evident and most beneficial.