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The clients I work with are getting life changing results and find the mix of support, expertise and accountability invaluable. All you need to do is focus on the plan and enjoy the results.

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Daniel CarterDaniel Carter

Before meeting Steve I struggled with several issues. I simply wasn’t enjoying my gym visits. And as a consequence, I started to gain weight and lose confidence… This really affected my life. I felt myself falling into ‘lazy mode.’ My joints became sore, and I had no energy.

I approached Steve and asked for his help. First words I said to him were: “Steve, I need to lose weight and improve my fitness.” Steve asked me one simple question:“For what reason”? I replied “I have a young family…. And to be honest, I don’t have the energy to keep up with them when we play in the park. Plus, I want to be a good example for them.”

I’ll never forget what he said to me next: He said “Ok Dan, I want you to get comfortable, being uncomfortable.” Those words have stuck with me and they pop into my head during every training session.

After a couple of Face-to-face PT sessions, I have opted for his very affordable Online Training Service. He designs regular on-going plans and I simply follow the workouts with guiding videos and instructions on my phone. The beauty of this is that I can train in in my own time with no fear of how to perform the exercises. I have the opportunity to message him questions. But the real icing on the cake is that we get together for a Face-to-face PT session every 3 weeks (this keeps me honest).

I only have one regret…. I should have done this earlier. I’m 20 kilos lighter. My confidence has returned and energy levels have increased. Steve has given me a purpose and intent. I’ve yet to get to the healthiest, happiest version of myself, but I know I’ll get there with Steve in my corner.

Steve Sharkey

Online Personal Trainer & Lifestyle Coach

When were together, you’re my only focus, and I’ll always be prepared and ready for you, from the first minute of a session to the last. In addition, I promised to:

  • Invest as much time as needed to understand your unique life, time, and nutrition challenges.
  • Work in conjunction with any other health professionals you’re currently seeing (including but not exclusive to doctors, physiotherapists and chiropractors) to ensure you get effective and well-rounded care.
  • Utilise my extensive experience with training and movement techniques to deliver pain-free results.
  • Custom design a personal training experience that is perfect for you.
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  • Steve focuses on the whole you
  • 35 years of experience customising fitness solutions for clients
  • Realistic about modern day lifestyle challenges
  • Personally involved in all aspects of the business
  • Certified practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)