Ideal frequency of exercise? [Part 2]

If you missed Part 1, I am diving into a rather big question I get asked: how often should I train? (Specifically to weight training).

So now I am going to dive into the first group – people who struggle to get in 3 times a week.

Main reasons: lack of motivation and/or lack of time (AKA not making it a priority)

My suggested range for most people is 3-5 sessions a week – totaling 1 – 5hrs TOTAL for the week.

So, this could be 3x20mins right up to 5x1hr sessions.

Now this suggested range depends on a lot of factors, but generally, it’s recovery, which includes:

-Sleep quality

-Stress from external and INTERNAL factors

-Gut health and ability to absorb and utilize food


*One other major limiting factor is the quality of movement and mechanics – but we’ll touch on this more tomorrow because it ties into maximizing your time too…


So, TIME is not something I consider as your main obstacle, because we all have the same amount – it’s your ability to PRIORITISE your time and respect yourself enough to block it out.

This is something I hold onto passionately because I have worked with clients who have families, have businesses, run half the COUNTRY and everything in between. The difference between them and you (if you struggle with time) is your ability to MAKE time.

So as long as you can find 20mins, 3 times a week, all we need to optimize is prioritizing training and recovery into your day around everything else – i.e. sleep, gut, stress.


The other main bottleneck here is “MOTIVATION”.

Before we go further here I would like to separate MOTIVATION and DRIVE.


Motivation is fleeting, it requires that little YouTube clip or podcast for you to “feel in the mood”.

Whereas DRIVE is a deep desire to get better and BE better – this only comes with a big enough WHY.


If you’ve been following me long enough you’ll know that I really push this idea of respecting your own time and bettering yourself so you can be MORE for the people around you – making it bigger than yourself so you have the fire to GO even when you’re not “in the mood”.

So if you’re just bouncing from one motivation spurt to the next then you need to step back and ask yourself WHY?


-Better self-confidence in your own skin, feel comfortable in your clothes?

-Better connection with your partner, better SEX, and better energy for activities?

-Not feel like your body is holding you back from the life you want to live?

Whatever that is you need to find that for yourself.

Once you have, the only thing left is to follow a proven game plan and someone in your corner to hold you accountable to the goal to build these process and steps effectively to bridge that gap.


When you have that WHY sorted and you’re ready to step up, book in here:


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