The Nutritional You

Four Pillar Lifestyle Video series

Tired of being tired?
Want to sleep and feel rested but can’t?
Are your joints inflamed and sore?

The Nutritional You

In this video on I will discuss how your ‘yes’ answers to the above question may be a result of poor food choices that you make.

I will tell you what homeostasis is and will touch on the concept of mindful eating.

Do you want to know which foods to avoid? And do you want to know what my 6 nutritional tips to a healthier and happier you are?

If you missed the first and second videos, you can find it by following the links.

The four pillar lifestyle video series is but a taste of the value that you will receive when you sign up for an online training program with me.

As you would have noticed by now, I am passionate about fitness and health. I am in fact so passionate about it, that I have been doing it for three decades now. This is my life. I can’t keep all this knowledge to myself.

Consequently I have designed an online training program that is not a one size fits all approach. You must have been able to tell that by now? I do not do one size fits all at all.

Why not contact me to discuss how we can work together, taking all four pillars into account, and get you

started on your journey? Call me, Steve Sharkey, on 0437 314 920 or contact me and let’s get you going.

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