Psychology of Weight Control: Food shopping importance

An interesting article by Hypnotherapist – Charles Borden

After much positive feedback from my recent email where I suggested “filling up your fridge with healthy foods” I thought it very worthwhile to elaborate much more in this idea. For many, this simple but important concept is the most important part of developing and maintaining slimming eating habits.

There is much more purpose to stocking your kitchen with healthy foods than the obvious. Here is why: If your refrigerator or pantry has treats such as cookies, ice cream, desserts etc. this is very apt to “play on your mind” as the power of suggestion of the physical presence of these food products is extremely potent.

So, we are all very subject to eventually eating whatever we have in our fridge. On the flip-side if you have a nice ripe mango, watermelon, (or in my wife’s case – frozen cherries) in the refrigerator and you get a little craving for something sweet in the evening you are very likely to choose the fruit….and be very happy and satisfied with that.

So, simply remember this. It is human nature to eat whatever you have stocked in your kitchen. When you visit the supermarket plan to fill up your grocery cart with fresh vegetables, fruits, leafy greens, lean protein. Shy away from processed foods as much as is practical. Perhaps you have hear the term “shop the walls”?! This generally means that the perimeter of the supermarket is where the fresh produce, fresh meat etc is because of refrigeration being necessary. But it is the center aisles where all the processed foods are – things in bags, cans and boxes that require zero refrigeration.

Oh, one more thing. It helps not to walk into the supermarket on an empty stomach.


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