Controlling Portion Size by Learning to eat more slowly

I recently read an article from a health professional called Charles Borden. I thought you’d find the content interesting and useful. To save time, I have cut and pasted the ‘best bits.’ He calls it “Pearls of Wisdom”.

“One action that matters greatly in terms of being able to consistently and sustainably make healthy choices is finding ways to feel sufficiently satiated. Today, we focus on controlling portion size by learning to eat more slowly. This is so important that in every live or recorded weight loss session I do I include hypnotic suggestions to help my client or listener get into the habit of placing less on their plate, taking small bites, chewing more slowly and putting their fork down between bites.  Once it becomes habitual this practice reduces overall intake by roughly 20-30 percent for most.  It takes focus and commitment to truly develop this helpful set of habits.  But once it becomes natural it is easy to feel more full and satisfied with a bit less, while preventing overeating.  The reason this works well is that chewing, taste, smell, swallowing and flavour stimulates the hypothalamus which triggers sensations of feeling more “full” or “satiated.”

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