Mental and physical strength for business owner and mum

Before finding Steve, I struggled with understanding the difference between “strength training i.e. weight training and cardio i.e. running on the treadmill and which one was better or worse etc” but I soon discovered that a good solid strength training session, done well, would achieve a greater cardio session then just treading miles and miles out on the treadmill and at the same time provide amazing tone.  It was also a relief to learn that even with heavier weights – it is really hard for a woman to build HUGE muscles 🙂

My biggest frustration was not sticking to a routine or being answerable to someone.  I am a very motivated person but very busy too and always found excuses to miss going to the gym but with sessions booked with Steve, it has helped me to be committed and attending all booked sessions as well as  doing my own training on the alternating days as I have a base from which to work which Steve provided to me.  The struggle and frustrations I had by knowing I needed to train but always having an excuse not to go have now gone through my regular routine and booked training sessions with Steve.

Steve’s program has helped my in a number of ways – firstly by being and feeling a lot fitter, noticing the additional strength and tone I have achieved and also mentally enjoying the aspect of training and living a healthier life.  In fact I now miss going to gym if I am not able to make it for one reason or another. 

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