I Have A Confession….

Yes, I have a confession …………. I use to think stretching was for whimps and served absolutely no purpose at all. 

That all changed when I reached my 40’s.

For years I pounded the weights in an endeavour to impress the ladies. Not knowing that a time bomb was ticking away in side me.

That ‘time bomb’ was in the form of slowly creating bad movement patterns, leading to constant injuries, leading to inconsistent exercise, leading to fat belly. 

I’ve learnt by mistake that a ‘Stretch Routine’ is essential for you to hit your long-term goals.

But you don’t need to go this far:








I would hate for you to make the same mistakes I made. So, I invite you to try these exercises – A MUST IF YOU ARE OVER 40:

Stretch Routine

Plus, if you spend a lot of your time sitting at the computer and have tight neck and shoulders – add these into your routine:

Hip and Lat Stretch

Go on, have a go. I guarantee it will set you up perfectly for your workout. Plus, you know you are ‘protecting yourself’ in the long-term.

If you are confused/unsure about how to achieve a standard of health and a body to be proud of, give me a shout and let’s make both accountable towards your success.  

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