‘Rest.’ The New ‘Intensity’

Effective, mindful rest between your sets of exercises is an important ‘tool’ towards you achieving a figure or physique you can be proud of.

My sole purpose during training is to break muscle fib res down, creating ‘INTENSITY’ utilising:

Correct Form with appropriate weight
The right cadence (speed) and rhythem
Minimum, Focused rest

Make the most of your rest period & turn yourself into a more Fat-Efficient Burning Machine

Watch this 1 minute video:

When you create that synergy in your life between training, nutrition, recovery and mindset, something magic happens.
If you want to make 2018 your best year ever, please consider joining my online training groups.

There are Two to choose from:
In your corner


P.S – I’ve gotten a ton of questions about this program, which I love!

If you’ve got a question about the program that’s keeping you from joining, please email me directly at https://thrivefitness.com.au/contact/
I’d love to answer it and hopefully get you in the group! 

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