You and I start Monday, Jan 8th

Imagine this for a minute…

Monday morning, you get a personal email from me. It has everything you need:

1) A customised exercise program based on how much time you can commit, exercise level, and what you have available. No pounding of the joints, either.

2) Specific, yet doable goals to accomplish for the week. You can hear your inner voice saying, “Great, I can do this”.

3) Tailored motivation based on your unique circumstances

Finally, you can eliminate the confusion, hype, and overwhelming info. The distractions are gone and you know what to do. Now it’s just a matter of doing it. 

And because I’m doing it practically with you and I’m holding your feet to the fire with accountability, you finally follow through. 

4 weeks fly by. It’s February and you’ve accomplished more in a month than you did all of last year.

Not because of some “weird” exercise, or “mysterious” superfoods drink, or a magical “breakthrough” supplement, but something way more with SUBSTANCE…


Your trousers are loose. You have the energy of a 25-year old flooded with caffeine. The shirt you’ve consciously been tugging at is no longer tight, but surprisingly loose.

All because you simply followed through with what you already knew, not because you consumed more info. 

You just needed a mentor, who has been there in your shoes. Someone to push you along with a habit system in place that worked for hundreds of private clients.

Here’s just 2 of them: 

Thrive Fitness Testimonial - KaronThrive Fitness Testimonial - Johnathan

As the old saying goes: “No Time Like The Present”

To get started on Monday, I’ll need a quick assessment. I’ll be doing the “heavy lifting” for you and create your first week’s goals based on that assessment. 

Now since I take it seriously, I’ll need your assessment today so I can tailor a plan you can get started with on Monday. 

I’m looking for 5 men and 5 women age 40-60 who want to reduce body fat and gain muscle tone. If 
this is you, please fill out the form below.

Complete 5 Simple Questions Here

I look forward to your return

In your corner



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