The Sleepless You

Four Pillar Lifestyle Video Series

Four Pillar Lifestyle Video series

Imagine my frustration as a young and very passionate personal trainer, when I would see clients putting in a hell of a lot of effort during our workouts, get fitter, but stay the same size, when they actually wanted to (especially in the case of ladies) go down in size.

Only when I looked at the 4 Life-Style Pillars and devised their training around that, did the results start coming in.

If you have:

  • ever struggled with getting long-term success with your health goals and/or
  • tried many programs, diets, bootcamps, personal trainers, etc. but nothing has lasted.

Then I have good news for you.

  1. You’re not alone.
  2. I’m going to offer a solution and all you need to do is take onboard the information I’m about to share. Then introduce into your life what’s relevant to you.

I talk very little about exercise when I first sit down with a client, who’s sole intention is to improve their general well-being.

What I do share with them are what I call 4 Life-Style Pillars to fat loss:

These are:

  • The Sleepless you
  • The Emotional you
  • The Nutritional you
  • The Hormonal you

In the first video I’m going to discuss The Sleepless you.

The Sleepless You

Experts inform us that we need 7 to 8 hours sleep

Research says “when sleep loss becomes habitual the disruption of your hormones and your metabolism may contribute to weight gain.”

We’ll have a look at the role that ghrelin and leptin plays in your sleeping patterns, what temperature has to do with it, how light intensity influences your sleep and which essential oils you can use to contribute to a good night’s sleep.

Next week I will share with you the 2nd Life-style pillar to fat loss – The Emotional you.

Where you’ll Learn crucial tips and strategies for managing stress.

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