Your #1 Combination for Busting ANY Plateau to Moving Better, Feeling Better, Looking Better

Want to know my #1 combination for busting ANY plateau?

It’s so simple, you might roll your eyes, and that’s ok. But it works.

I’ll cut to the chase…

1) Increase the RIGHT protein

2) Use the RIGHT intensity with exercise

I bet if you do those two things, you’ll be back in business and start smashing that pesky plateau.

Today, we’ll talk about #1 why it helps you drop fat even faster.

For one thing, protein burns more calories (hence, more fat) to digest than carbs and fat. 

So basically, having 100 calories of fats or carbs is different than 100 calories of protein.

Also, protein helps you protect muscle while you lose fat. What’s the point of dropping 5kg’s if you’re wasting away muscle, too? 

I’ve been saying to my clients for the past 3 decades (many get bored -but the following is soooo important)… muscle is critical while dropping weight. It helps you to NEVER gain fat (muscle burns more calories at rest and boosts your metabolism). 

If you’re dieting and NOT eating enough protein, you could “waste away” precious muscle, making it harder for you to not just drop weight, but KEEP it off.

Now the problem is the types of protein…

Eating a lot of meat can be expensive and not really practical, right? 

And most protein powders on the market are packed full of chemicals, processed ingredients, sugar, and fat. Take one of the most popular protein powders on the market for example. Look at this…

32 grams of protein <= OK, good so far.

9 grams of fat <= Why so much fat for a “protein powder”?

109 grams of carbs <= What?? Why?

650 calories

Wait a second. Let’s look at the calories alone. 650?? If your goal (let’s just say) is 1500 calories/day, you’ve met almost half of that with just a protein shake!

No wonder people are struggling to bust a plateau… 

Not to mention the chemicals, processed sweeteners, and cheap soy used to create these powders. So instead of consuming this protein and burning more calories, quite frankly, much of this protein ends up in the toilet (sorry… bit too much information), but true… and I wanted to be REAL with you. 

So, what can you do?

If you had a protein that was delicious and you looked forward to enjoying it, would you stick to it? Of course.

And if that protein was NOT processed with no artificial sweeteners, and even included fiber to help you flush out fat, would that help?

Absolutely, right?

That’s why I recommend Bulk Nutrients Whey Protein Isolate


No catch, either. I have no affiliation with this company – I’ve simply been drinking it for years. 

It’s REALLY good (I recommend the vanilla). 

So that’s step 1 to dominating your plateau or jumpstart your fat loss. 

Next week, it’s all about using the RIGHT exercise intensity to produce the positive results you’re looking for.

Until then…… Keep pumpin

As Always…. In Your Corner



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