Shoulder Mobility Exercises



Your shoulders play an important role in your mobility and independence. You need to keep them strong and healthy in order to perform various tasks in your daily life like driving, lifting groceries, doing house chores, etc. 


Scapular wall slides is a kind of shoulder mobility and stretching exercise that primarily targets the shoulders. It’s a great exercise for those with a beginner level of physical fitness and exercise experience. It can also be included in a warm-up or used as a filler/ rest between heavy strength exercises.



If done properly, scapular wall slides can improve shoulder rotation, upper back activation, scapular mobility, and arm flexibility. They can also help reduce shoulder injuries and anterior shoulder crankiness.

How to Do The Scapular Wall Slides


At 135 degrees:


  1. Find a bare wall and stand up straight facing it. Position your forearms parallel to one another and around shoulder-width apart. Ensure your palms are facing one another while gently pressing your elbows against the wall. ⁠


  1. Slide your forearms upward, forming a Y shape. In doing so, your shoulders shouldn’t hunch upward.


  1. Pull your arms away from the wall for one second, and place them back down immediately, elbows against the wall.


  1. Slides your arms downward to go back to the original position.


  1.  You may repeat the steps about 6 to 8 times.⁠


Note: Make sure to engage your abs and bottom as you do the exercise.


Learn how to do the scapular wall slides properly and easily  by watching this instructional video: (insert link)


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